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weel Oct 6, 2016 7:11 PM

Refuses to Issue Refund
Today Oct 6,2016, I received a call from a lufthansa rep regarding my case on en extremely delayed refund. refund policy states 3-4 days.the first person said 7.the second 3 weeks.the 3rd 3-4 weeks and now this person who I spoke to at approximately 9:30 am has come up with a policy that doesn't exist on your website and in your terms.When I asked her to read me this alleged term of NO refund she could find me nothing.This clause she claims is in terms and condition and in the refund tab.Suddenly she couldn't find it.I double checked your website and it doesn't exist.The next step for me is simply to file a complaint with small claims court.You have 0 evidence of this policy.I have been told lies every step of the way and now you are stealing my money.

customer service loop has offered 0 help.0 answers and 0 evidence.

I was refused the opportunity to talk to a supervisor and instead offered a very insulting 20% discount on my next LH flight.

I want my money back as promised , as stated clearly in your cancellation policy.

All of this has taken over 1 month .Hours on the phone and pointless emails.

I want my refund.

Booking number:

Ticket no.: 220‑2372005890

Form of Payment: 7312

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