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KRETIKOS Nov 23, 2019 2:13 PM

cancel my reservations due to medical issue
I have purchased a ticket with Alitalia through justfly to go from US to Rome
2 days before my trip I have been diagnosed with a serious medical problem and i had to cancel my trip . I call the airline and the travel agency to ask if i can refund the trip. They told me that you can asa long as you provide medical documentation .First of all i would like to add that the justfly stole from me an extra 400 dollars for cancelling the trip with the promise that they will return the money if the alitalia agrees to refund. I provide the appropriate documentation in a timely manner , Since september they have not contact me they have refused to give explanation for my matter I was professional in their request by alitalia and justflty behaved like common thiefs and untrustfull professional It is a disgrace that these comapnies still doing business here If someone needs to see communications or any other documentation i am happy to provide

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