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klessa Sep 6, 2016 9:19 PM

Catty personnel at Denver A-53 gate for Flight 2634 to DFW
Recently my family of three made reservations to fly to Denver for Labor Day weekend. At the time we made seat assignments so that our 8 year old daughter would be on the same row with us, obviously. About a week prior to our trip, we noticed a confirmation email had a completely different flight number and slightly modified departure/arrival times. It took quite a bit of calling to get it all ironed out, but basically they just changed our flight on us, and in the process wiped out our seat assignments. So we arrive at the airport in Dallas to fly out to Denver and were able to get seats together without a hitch.

The return flight, we approached the Denver gate (A-53 on 9/5 Monday afternoon) to do the same and were met with hideous customer service. First, the four women at the counter were involved in an intensive personnel squabble which they continued even though we stood there. At one point, the younger blonde woman said something to the effect of how people needed to quit trashing her behind her back, and the apparently senior woman there grabbed her not-so-gently by the arms and hauled her behind the signage. There, they continued to squabble at a volume where we could still hear. They came back around with younger blonde visibly upset.

There continued several other interactions between all these folks, and interestingly enough the second blonde-woman stepped away, all of them continued to voice complaints and insults about her (so apparently she was correct in her statements!).

We waited till they finished this little display and explained the issue on seat assignments, which took a bit of time since our discussions were repeatedly interrupted by the various personnel allegedly listening to us turning to join in on the crab session between employees.

Finally we were told that they had to call up one passenger to get them to swap to allow our seat swap. I checked back in three different times, each time it did not appear they had done a thing towards resolving this issue and were still engaged in gossiping with each other.

At two minutes prior to the posted boarding time (yes, I've been patient) I approached again and the attendant got rather ugly with me and told me that the flight wasn't boarding yet and they would call me when it was. I get to flights early because I don't want to be the last one cramming onto the plane. I'm not interested in waiting around till the very last minute for them to possibly correct our issue when it was their fault to begin with. But I wait.

I stepped back a step or two from the counter and wait, and a minute later this person pages me to come to the desk. I step forward and she continues whatever personal chat she's having with her coworker for a time, then looks up with an abrupt and hostile "yes??? can I help you?" I say I'm the passenger you were paging, and she hands me three tickets... my partner and I are on the same row, and a ticket for a Nathaniel LASTNAME about 14 rows up. So they took my daughter Olivia's ticket, and re-issued it as a Nathaniel and put the 8 year old 14 rows up. I said, no, this won't work, it's the wrong name and wrong place and...

She interrupts me and says "oh what on earth is wrong with your seats this time?" Well... you issued me the wrong ticket. And you placed my child (the entire reason we had to do this) on a row by herself.

She never apologizes or acknowledges, she was incredibly rude and abrupt and uncaring throughout the interaction.

TL;DR? So... problem YOU created by just changing our flight out from under us, then because you were too busy having an employee bitch session in public you could not be bothered to correct for us.

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