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MA Yaqub May 2, 2019 11:45 AM

Etihad Staff Non Compliance to Ticket Information
Etihad Airways seems to be perfectly fine with the fact that there was a discrepancy between the weight allowance mentioned on the airline provided ticket vis-a-vis what was thrusted by the airline staff at the counter on the day of the flight? And THAT EXACTLY was the reason of this whole trauma for my family! Who was responsible for this 30/23kg discrepancy IF not the airline!? The 30kg weight allowance may be the ONLY thing why I chose Etihad over other airlines at the time of the booking and this precisely was what my family was denied!!

Who is responsible for the trauma my family underwent at that time due to THAT mistake of yours! What has been done to reprimand the rude and corrupt staff?

What steps airline is taking to compensate this instance and to ensure that this does not happen again?

Why my family had to pay for a mistake of your airlines?

How one may decode the baggage allowance if the airline provided ticket is NOT to be believed!?

I failed to find any mention that how Etihad ground staff has been reprimanded for asking money from my family. That my family will be allowed to travel with 30kg IF they give him PKR 10,000! Not to mention the trauma and humiliation they had to endure during that time by being pushed to a corner on several occasions!

I am not going to accept crap logic reply just to protect the skin of your rude ignorant staff at Lahore Airport! What one should believe? The ticket provided by your airline or the whims of your staff at the eleventh hour hiniting for the bribe or else stuff will have to be thrown (and what was done in the end!)

I approached Etihad complaints as a first step to get the issue addressed. I will leave no stone unturned to take the matter to the highest level at your airlines, UAE aviation ministry including the head the UAE government and state to expose your behaviour including on the social media! Your apparent policy of protecting rude and unprofessional staff must not be accepted. Your response clearly shows that either you have TOTALLY FAILED to understand the situation or more disappointingly (and I hope not) you are complicit of this unprofessional behavior of your staff!

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