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NigelPortley Apr 17, 2015 10:50 AM

Turkish Airlines: Lost Baggage with no Compensation
My baggage was lost on the Turkish Airlines TK0343 flight from Ulan Bataar to Istanbul on November 27th 2014, where I was due to fly on to Brussels, also with Turkish airlines. There was an eight hour delay in the TK0343 flight so I also missed the connection and had to overnight in Istanbul airport. I filed a baggage lost report immediately in Istanbul airport, and doggedly followed up the case via email and phone for several weeks, where I received no solid information as to the whereabouts of my luggage or as to whether I would ever get it back. A month after my luggage was lost I started replacing my clothes and other gear as I needed a new suit for other business trips and so on. Finally, on January 12th, my luggage was finally delivered to me, a disgraceful 49 days later. Unfortunately I had several sets of used running gear in my suitcase that had turned putrid by that stage. I sent all the clothing to a drycleaners to be processed but the drycleaners could not process the clothes back to a state where they were wearable and so I had to throw them all out. I have claimed for all my gear from Turkish airlines but they have stonewalled me, originally not replying, but finally replying to say that as I only communicated via email and phone and not via physical post, that my claim is too late after the event and hence not valid! I am following up the case with a solicitor to get Turkish Airlines to pay out what they owe me. It is a slow process, I am out of pocket in the meantime, have incurred a lot of stress, inconvenience and wasted time from this case, and still have more to come.
If anyone knows a fasttrack direction to speed up such a case please inform me as I can see this dragging out for some time. If there are any further forums where I can have my case aired, or viewed by consumer rights groups please donít hesitate to inform me of them.
Thanks and Regards.

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