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Taner Mar 14, 2018 2:55 PM

Terrible Service for Baby Cribs
We have a flight to Dubai from Istanbul (SAW) on next April, We will stay there for 4 days, We have a new born baby for 2 months and we learnt that THY has a baby cribs service for free of charge (upon request and not guaranteed). Normally only the some first floor lines have that service and you should reserve it before the flight and we had gotten for the confirmation via call center. If the system confirms this service, 1 parent can sit at the front line with the baby for free but problem is if dad and mom want to sit next to they should pay for 2 seats both! this is cheap and ridiculous, because already some other guy or lady have to right to reserve the same seat only paying for 1 seat price... If you already request the rate for the both of seats then do not present that service 1 parent member is free of charge upon availability. Some other issue they do not response the issues from the social media... and when the call center staff has faced with a uncommon problem they become so robotic, repeat the same things always even though they know very well what they are saying is so silly... For the families who has new baby i suggest do not fly with THY

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