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flyhi152 Feb 11, 2011 6:19 AM

Cathay Pacific: Rude and arrogant with Westeners
I used them only once for a trip from LAX to MNL via HKK. On this one single trip there were two occasions that left me stunned and made me decide to never do any business with this airline again:

In MNL I went upstairs to talk to someone in their office about changing my flight. There was nobody behind the counter and I waited for a while. Nobody came but then I saw an open door next to the counter. I approached this door and asked the lady behind the desk in this room if there was anybody to help me. I had not even entered this room, just asked through the open door and this b***h screamed at me "Get out, close the door !"

I thought that this lady must have had a rough one the night before and that she wasn't representative for the company. But when I had a similar experience at HKK I became aware of something that other Cathay customers also discussed in public forums: Cathay's chinese employees have a problem to deal with Westeners. What I read was that most of these extremely rude ladies are nice when they are dealing with Asian people.

The next shock came for me when I was waiting for my boarding group to be called in HKK: It was a 747-400 with lots of passengers and I had a seat all the way in the back, so I was expecting to be among the first groups. It was very difficult to understand the announcement and I asked a Cathay employee in a polite way ("Excuse me, mam...") if my group had already been called and her answer was

"We made an announcement, if you don't talk English, it is your problem."

I was just stunned and did not know what to say - when I wrote a letter to the company they responded "Our staff is well trained and selected..." They would not comment her employees insulting way of answering my question. Cathay is never ever going to insult me again and to be rude with me. They are not the only airline flying to MNL.

The_Judge Feb 11, 2011 7:59 AM

You've really had a string of bad luck. Hope it gets better. :)

flyhi152 Feb 11, 2011 3:51 PM

Dealing with Cathay Pacific

Originally Posted by The_Judge (Post 20446)
You've really had a string of bad luck. Hope it gets better. :)

Oh, yes - in regards to my experiences with Cathay Pacific it improved 100% after my first and last flight with them: Their employees have never insulted me again or been rude with me. I just typed "Cathay Pacific rude" into Google and it looks like other Westeners are still having similar experiences with them. It does not look like this airline is even aware of the problem and working on it.

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