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honestair Dec 24, 2015 8:27 PM

Extra Fees are Outrageous
Heads up to people considering flying Frontier Airlines. Many airlines are charging extra fees, but Frontier gets the prize. Your "Low Fares" may not be so low after you pay for baggage, your seat, and a cup of coffee. What other airline charges for a carry-on bag?

As of 12-24-15:
If you are not an "Elite" member:

If you pay online before your flight:
Checked baggage: $35/bag
Carry-on baggage: $40

At the airport:
Checked baggage: $40
Carry-on: Another passenger said her carry-on cost her $80; that may have been what they charged at the gate.

Baggage fees at the gate are apparently quite expensive.

Apparently a place to sit (a seat) is not included in your ticket price. If you don't pay extra for your seat when you book your ticket, it may cost you more money. If you do not select a seat at booking, they do say you will be randomly assigned a seat - not sure if there is a charge for the random seat.
Basic seat: $9
Upgrade: $18

Water is free, but apparently everything else will cost you (i.e. $1.99 for soda or coffee).

Frontier used to be a good airline. However, gouging us at every turn has cost Frontier an entire family of customers. We will NEVER FLY FRONTIER AGAIN! It's a matter of principle.

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