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h callahan Jun 8, 2017 2:39 PM

drunks on plane
January 2017, flight from Tenerife to Edinburgh.
i sent this complaint to easyjet (below). after between 5-10 emails, two unreturned phonecalls where they had said they were investigating the complaint and 5 months of waiting, after prompting from me they apologised and said that the cabincrew should have dealt with the drunks. They took that long to admit this, after I had asked if customers were expected to deal with problem passegers themselves. My question to the forum is whether I have any comeback against Easyjet for such a disruptive flight and appalling customer service in responding to my complaint?

my first email to them, in January 2017:

'The flight was on time. Everything was fine from that point of view. My experience with many other Easyjet flights has been good.
My complaint is about noise from drunk people on the plane. My wife and I, plus boys aged 7 and 5 were right in front of 3 very loud men. talking loudly late at night, some singing, plenty of swearing. At no point did the staff ask them to be quieter, or cease to serve them drinks. It turned out that one of them had finished a litre bottle of vodka, amongst other drinks.
From the staff’s lack of action I assume you think this is perfectly normal behavior for passengers on one of your planes. It is not an issue for your co that young children, who normally sleep at that time, are subjected to such behavior?
Grateful for your reply.

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