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[email protected] Feb 8, 2016 10:13 PM

Broke my Bags & Lost my Items
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I had a flight from Delhi to Boston via Frankfurt on 7th of Jan 2016, I faced many troubles and humiliation in this journey as described below.
1. Flight from Delhi to Frankfurt was delayed and we missed the connecting flight from Frankfurt to Boston.
a. I had to wait for 20 hours (for the same flight next day) at the airport.
b. Lufthansa arranged hotel day for US citizens and rest were made to stay at the airport. This was very facial, I know for sure that it is not a big thing for such a big airline to arrange 24 hours transit visa and provide hotel stay.
c. It was winter time and I had to stay overnight at the airport and sleep on chair with a thin blanket given by them.
d. For the whole of 20 hours, they gave 15 euro food coupon. How can one have 3 meals on the airport with 15 euros, (This was racial as others (white) were given more food coupons than what I (indian) was given.

2. I had paid and checked in an extra bag, and had requested for a fragile tag on all 3 of my checked in bags. 2 out of my 3 checked in bags came completely broken. One of them came opened and some of my things were missing from the bag.
a. Upon contacting Lufthansa I was told that such complaints are handled by ‘feedback forms’ only and not by customer service.
b. I filled up a feedback form on the very next day and attached photos of broken bags, baggage tags and the receipts on extra payment.
c. I have been following up every week and it has been a month, Lufthansa is just not responding and their customer care department is not ready to help at all.
d. This is very very disappointing.

3. I am in USA for a work assignment and this is not my country I have had to buy new things that were missed and now if Lufthansa doesn’t replace the bags they broke I would have to buy new ones on my own expense.
a. I want refund of the money paid for the extra bag – what is the point of taking $200 for an extra bag if you are going to break the bag.

I feel very helpless and looking for some assistance.

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