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manasseh Mar 13, 2018 11:11 AM

Bad service experience
To whom this may concern:

I'm writing this letter as a formal complaint of the poor level of service i received.

Here are the facts: Jhb - Abu Dabi

*FIRST & FOREMOST - when we boarded the aircraft and got to our seats,the first thing we noticed was a pungent pee(urine) smell prevalent on my wife's seat. We informed the hostess,in hope that she would make an alternative arrangement,much to our dismay,unfortunately all she offered was another blanket instead...

1)Distastefully Unfriendly air hostess ( especially for an international flight)

2)Hostess never paid attention to our humble and simple requests,ie.(had to ask for water twice before it was given)
(served wrong meals,even though it was pre-ordered with our flight booking & verbally requested)

3)Hostess behaved in an unprofessional manner,she was arguing with two passengers seated just behind my family and i,instead of being humble and courteous and try to the best of her expected professional behavior to resolve the matter,she chose to argue...rather distasteful!

4)The male purser/team leader i presume,gave chocolate sweets to our lil daughter late night & first thing in the morning...(we unfortunately couldn't stop him cause our daughter already saw him give the same to another kid seated across the way from us just before turning to give her.We felt embarrassed to say anything because we knew she would cause a scene at this late hour,mindful not to disturb other passengers. This could have been avoided if he was considerate enough and used common sense that kids should NOT be given any form of sweets in the evening..what an idiot!!!)

5)Cabin screens stayed on late at night, even though the cabin lights were turned off,the screens were a disturbance to my family and i who were seated right in front of one of the screens (i requested an eye mask to solve the problem so i could take a rest,of which only 1 was given to me,my wife was blatantly ignored)

Having flown the same route previously aboard Etihad,i expected the SAME level of service i received before,which was nothing short of a superb service along with friendly and helpful staff,hence the reason i never hesitated to book with your airlines again (regrettably much to my dismay)
If the airlines is currently being challenged with an unexpected crises or financial setback,CONSIDER THIS:
Don't compromise being consistent in giving good outstanding service in both business AND economy class (after all,its what some of us passengers pay for).
Maintain service excellence. Challengers are an opportunity for any given company to grow but is no excuse for an internationally recognized airline such as Etihad to drop their standards.

If nothing is done about this...i vow to spread this news on all social media platforms as well as to my family and friends and would strongly encourage them to never make the mistake i did regrettably by booking and flying with Etihad Airways.

Flight Details:
Booking Ref. SAWNUA
Flight number: EY 603
Ticket numbers:
60721 3436 5265
60721 3436 5266
60721 3436 5267
Etihad Guest number: 500001668644

Flight Date: 19/02/2018
Destination: Johannesburg - Delhi
Economy Class

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