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kendobson Jun 15, 2017 11:55 PM

VIRGIN AUSTRALIA Airlines provides Deceptive False Distorted Misleading advice
TERRY COOPER and VIRGIN AUSTRALIA Group Executive Team are in the Business of Unethical operations; Deceptive advertising & severely lacking in Honesty whom are Ineffective in Resolving complaints; has zero Leadership attributes; displays Inferior competence; & Covers-up Virgin Australia’s Deliberate Misleading advice to Clients…..
gives the airline industry an Untruthful image & brings Virgin Australia Airlines into Disrepute = which has already Resulted in Passengers changing their Loyalties to other airlines such as Qantas; Emirates; Qatar; Singapore.
Recommend Avoid VIRGIN AUSTRALIA as they are extremely Behind in Quality Standards compared to other more COMPETITIVE airlines - as Virgin Australia are only interested in Quantity/Turnover where Clients are Only treated as another Number & have absolutely No interest in Quality nor your Repeat business…..
If you want to save yourself from much Heartache including Virgin Australia’s EXCESSIVE DELAYS – for your future Travels recommend you find an Airline whom actually treat you as a Person; are Quality driven in terms of customer service; and genuinely Care about their Clients return as a Repeat Customer…..
Virgin Australia has been non-profitable & Losing Money every year in the last five years, hence, financially their days are Numbered…..Bye Bye Virgin Australia !

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