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vins Nov 17, 2017 6:43 AM

insulting etihad employee named mirza at hyderabad international airport-india
I was traveling from hyd to SF via Abu Dhabi. We were 3 people but were carrying only 4 check in (instead of 6) at first I had total of 8 kGs more in total for 4 bags. I was asked to reshuffle and take some stuff so it meets 23kg, which I did to my best, when I took the bags back to the counter it still had 3kgs more, at this point a mannerless fat guy who calls himself Mirza comes to me and starts insulting me questioning what I did by taking the bags and reshuffling the weights ( as if I had imaginary weigh scales in my head ). And he goes on to say " you have 2 minutes before the counter closes do whatever you have to to bring the weights 23Kgs per bag ( is this how an employee of a reputed company speaks to customer?). Because the counter was closing I decided to pay extra for the 3Kgs. Then I confronted the Mirza guy and asked him who the hell is he to question what I did. And when I asked for his full name to complain, his reply was " I'm the only Mirza in this Hyderabad international airport, you could do whatever you want". It's so surprising that whilst the rest of the employees were so polite and courteous this manner less crackpot tries to bully and insult the very customers who is feeding his pay check. I hope Etihad really does something in this case.

I have provided the above feedback to Etihad too (ref: 595014). But after 3 weeks of "investigation" I get an answer on the process of excess baggage. Which wasnt even the issue to start with. Overall, pathetic customer experience both by the Mirza guy at HYD international Airport and the customer service handling complaints. Hopeless!

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