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bettymckissock Mar 9, 2010 11:41 PM

Delta service
Delta moved my flights from Feb 24 to Feb 25 without my knowledge or consent. The originating flight was delayed which would have caused my to miss my connecting flight. Instead of giving me the option of getting on an earlier flight to make the connection they moved the whole itinery to the next day. When I called an got the last two legs of the flight reinstated they wouldn't reinstate the upgrades on the last two legs. When I wrote their complaint department I asked, nicely, to be upgraded on the last leg of my upcoming flight to Amsterdam which involved less time on a plane than the original trip. It is three weeks until that trip starts and business class is only half full. They gave me a credit voucher which I don't want and said it isn't their policy to give upgrades for delayed flights. I asked for the upgrade because my other upgrades were cancelled and because it involved my staying on the phone an hour and a half to get my flights reinstated and also because I spent twenty-three hours either in the air or in flight. The trip was to Alaska.

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