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kathysage Oct 24, 2018 10:20 PM

problems with ESTA documentation
Checking in at Melbourne (Tullamarine) flight EY0461/EY010 on 2nd. October for flight to JFK we were initially denied boarding because we could not produce ESTA documentation. Very abruptly told we would not be going anywhere until it could be produced. Finally we found it in our luggage and boarded. We have travelled to the US several times since ESTA was introduced and have never had to produce a hard copy. There is nothing on the website advising this. We have spoken to our travel agent at Flight Centre and they are not aware a hard copy has to be produced for boarding. The lack of communication by Etihad towards clients and a major travel agency is appalling.

travelguy28 Oct 25, 2018 6:22 PM

"DHS recommends that travelers print out the travel authorization application response in order to maintain a record of their traveler authorization application number and to have confirmation of their ESTA status."

This verbiage appears multiple times on the ESTA website including at least 2 times on the application/approval path.

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