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laurheis Dec 8, 2007 6:27 AM

Ruined our luggage - won't issue refund
In August, 2007, we flew from San Diego to Philadelphia. We noticed that our luggage was wet when we arrived, but assumed that it got wet while being transferred during a lay-over. We soon discovered that our luggage was drenched with FISH WATER. The bags stank, the clothes inside stank. Since we had already left the airport, the Baggage Handling Service person in Philadelphia that we spoke to by telephone gave us a report number and told us to keep track of all cleaning costs (and the cost for new luggage if necessary.) She told us that we needed to request a Passenger Property Loss Claim Form from Southwest. The luggage was so thoroughly permeated by the fish smell that we were unable to get it out, we threw it away, and had to purchase new baggage to get our clothing back home. Everything within the bags had to be laundered twice to remove the fish smell. It is now three months and four letters to Southwest later. My first letter was not answered. My second letter was answered by a letter that said that I had sent my first two letters to the wrong place. My third letter was answered by a representative who now wants our ruined luggage sent back to Southwest, in addition to the receipts for the original purchase of the ruined bags - THREE MONTHS AFTER IT WAS RUINED. The person in Philadelphia never asked for us to bring back the bags at the time that they were ruined. I never did get the Passenger Property Loss Claim Form that I requested. Southwest is using unreasonable tactics to avoid reimbursing us for their mistake.

laurheis Dec 23, 2007 6:25 PM

Issue Resolved - Refund Received!
Southwest Airlines finally came through and gave us a refund check. It was for the full amount of our new luggage. Yay!

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