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Frequenty Flier Apr 26, 2007 12:26 PM

Southwest Airlines Bait & Switch
The e-mail blast sent out by Southwest Airlines stated rates between $49 to $159 with 14 day advanced purchase each way. My flight was more than 40 days out.

After filling out their date and destination screen, every flight was available, however the rates were far higher, between $206 and $319 each way.

While Southwest Airlines referred to their "Additional taxes, fees and restrictions", none of them absolved them of this "bait & switch" advertising scam.

Calling the Reservation Desk, they couldn't respond and asked me to call Customer Service.

However this morning, they were taking no calls until 10:00 am due to their Customer Service meeting, giving me time to find this site and ventilate.

Southwest Airlines does not do e-mail per
Too many complaints?

Southwest Airlines used to provide credible specials with prices I could count on. Where's the LUV I used to know.

rudybjr Apr 2, 2009 11:07 PM

Only a limited number of seats have those special fares. If a sale starts today and I call to book for Thanksgiving, guess what? It's not going to be available. Those flights are full and the fares are high.

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