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mwalkeriii May 9, 2017 8:29 PM

Lost my Snowboard bag TWICE!!
Here's my recent letter to American Airlines detailing the issue.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to file a complaint against American Airlines, Inc. (AA) regarding lost baggage.

On February 11th 2017, I took a one way flight from Los Angeles (LAX) to Atlanta (ATL). I checked my snowboard gear bag containing my snowboard, boots, bindings, helmet, goggles, snow pants, and other smaller gear items. My snowboard gear bag did not make it to the destination. I spoke with the person in the baggage office and reported the bag delayed.

On February 15th, I filed a claim on the gear bag itemizing the main items in the bag and their approximate cost. Many of these items were collected over the last 10 years or so, many in very good to new condition. I snowboard maybe 3-4 times a year.

A number of weeks later (March 9th) I received a call from an AA rep stating that they may have found my bag and it may have gotten transferred over to Delta Airlines. He asked me a number of questions about my claim to confirm that what was described in the contents of the bag matched my claim. He confirmed the contents of my bag down to the color of towels that were used to wrap around the sharp edges of the snowboard to keep them from cutting the inside of the gear bag, which I had not even mentioned on the claim. So someone had to actually have opened the bag and reviewed the contents, or else they would not have known about the faded yellow towels. At this point, someone had located the bag. I thought after confirming the information, my bag would be delivered from Delta, to American and I would have my bag soon, and that’s what the rep also indicated.

I had a number of conversations with this rep over the next few weeks as he worked with Delta to get the bag back to AA and delivered to me. Everything indicated that Delta had, in-fact, found the bag and would be delivering it to AA to deliver to me.

On April 14th, I received a call from another AA rep, asking if my bag had been delivered. It had not.

I placed a call to Delta Central Baggage and found out that they were waiting on AA to retrieve the bag. I asked if I could just drive down to Central Baggage in Atlanta and retrieve the bag myself. They said I could not and that AA would have to retrieve it. That rep provided me with the delayed file number used by Delta to track lost baggage (ATLAAxxxxx).

The next day I called the original AA rep and AA Central Baggage to let them know that Delta was waiting to deliver the bag, noting that the bag had been with Delta for almost two months and there was likely some time limit to pick up the bag.
During this time I have exchanged a number of emails and phone calls with AA Central Baggage to check on the status of this. Many of the emails/calls were unreturned. During one discussion with a Central Baggage rep, after asking if I could get the name of someone that would be responsible for going over to Delta to get my bag, they responded that someone would be doing it soon, but they could not give me a name.

I feel that due to the delay and lack of accountability, AA left my bag with Delta, and now it is gone.

On April 24th, Central Baggage Rep Carrie Ellis sent me an email reminding me of AA’s baggage policy and told me that I would be receiving a check for $355 for my “delayed” bag. My fair market value claim was for $1555. I responded, thanking her for processing my claim, but letting her know that $355 was not sufficient to cover the time, loss of items, horrible experience, and seeming loss of my bag due to leaving it with Delta for too long (basically, a lack of accountability on the part of AA Central Baggage). I had waited over 3 months and my bag at one point had been found and then lost again. I’ve missed out on a number of snowboarding trips and this was basically due to negligence on AA part.

I subsequently asked that this issue be escalated within Central Baggage Claims and AA management. I did not receive a response, so I asked for an update on April 27th. Mrs. Ellis responded on April 30th mentioning that she had reviewed the issue and it stands as is because I could not provide itemized reciepts. She did not mention if the issue had been escalated as requested. She did apologize for the “delayed” bag. These items were purchase over several years and I likely will not be able to provide itemized reciepts. I don’t understand why AA can’t look up fair market value of these items as their own proof.

I received a letter and check from AA on May 1 for the amount of $355, which is insulting because this issue has not yet been resolved. I will not be cashing this check.

I am writing this letter as a Gold AA passenger who’s spent many thousands of dollars and flown many thousands of miles with AA over the last two years. I have no problem continuing to escalate this issue, as it’s only fair. I would expect that AA would do the right thing and reimburse me fairly for the compounded loss of access to my equipment, the hardship of spending over 3 months patiently going back and forth with different reps, being told that my bag was found, only to later be told that it was lost again, all the while with the likely case that my equipment was waiting in Atlanta for someone from AA to coordinate pick-up.

I’m requesting again that I be reimbursed the full amount indicated in the original claim.

Milton Walker III

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