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TheHatchetts Jan 5, 2019 4:25 PM

Don't let your elderly parents fly with AA
Just want to thank American Airlines for allowing my elderly parents, with disabilities experience "The flight from HELL!!

All was going well, and as expected when departing from Raleigh-Durham airport. They received their wheel chair assistance to requested. All was going well until they landed in Philadelphia.

The assistance that they needed to catch their connecting flight to Wilkes-Barre was SLOW in accommodating the 70 plus year old couple with assistance. When they finally reached the terminal to board the flight to Wilkes-Barre, they were told that "THEIR CONNECTING FLIGHT HAS ALREADY DEPARTED"!!!! They missed their flight due to slow, POOR SERVICE. Afterwards, they were informed that the next available flight to Wilkes-Barre would be departing at 3:40PM!!! Leaving them stranded at Philadelphia Airport for approximately 7-8 hours!! BUT WAIT....their situation GETS BETTER.

Working with my sister, we compromised and got them booked on a flight to Allentown, PA. I and my sister would take a 1 HOUR drive from Wilkes-Barre to pick-up our parents from Allentown (Lehigh) Airport, then drive back to Wilkes-Barre and get them checked into their hotel.

My parents made it to Lehigh Airport as scheduled....however,..THEIR LUGGAGE DID NOT!!!!!! Now they are forced to work with AA staff to make arrangements to retrieve their luggage (that also contained their much needed MEDICATION) as soon as possible! Their luggage finally arrived at the hotel around 9:30pm.

This is very UN-ACCEPTABLE service for the Elderly/Disabled traveling on an airline known worldwide. WE apologized 1000 times to our parents for their "Hellish" trip and treatment; and vowed to try to AVOID using AA ever again.

This complaint was also submitted to American Airlines Dec 26, 2018. To date...I have not even received an apology for their poor treatment of my parents. Only an automated response for my submission.

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