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daleep_awana Jul 3, 2018 7:39 AM

Denied boarding
I was denied boarding on Ryan aircraft by staff members at Dublin airport , when i was travelling from Dublin to Moscow via Munich. On 20/06/2018 early morning.

i had the confirmed flight booked and was waiting on airport well on time 3 hrs before boarding.when i reached check in counter for boarding pass, staff told me that i do not have visa to enter Germany .i showed them the Irish visa which is valid if u r transiting through Germany airports and specific German visa is not required then. they told me that i am wasting their time i should rather reach my embassy for help. senior manager at counter was not ready to listen my concern rather they gave me a strange look that how come i can enter Germany without visa. getting no relief from the situation i started to look for other airline who could help me reach Moscow on my scheduled time.i reached British airways counter to buy new ticket to reach Moscow . they assured me that i do not require separate visa rather they helped me to book another ticket from different airline to reach Munich well on time to avail my outbound flight from there . Thanks to the lady of British airways i made it to Munich 1 hr in my hand to get on my next flight. that was an extra ordinary effort showed by her to provide help to a strange traveler in a different country . and to my surprise no body in Munich asked for visa to enter Germany....
By this complaint i demand full compensation of my ticket price and a written apology from airline and staff members who ignore travelers and creates new problem for them in another country.

i have the confirmed booking ticket , Dublin to Munich on 20/06/2018 FROM RYAN AIRLINES
i have also complaint to the for above miss happening
newly bought ticket from different airlines to reach Munich.

AntoineM Aug 4, 2018 4:31 PM

Were you compensated for your troubles by Ryanair, Daleep?

daleep_awana Aug 4, 2018 7:54 PM

Not yet
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Posted via Mobile Device

Tidii960 Sep 12, 2018 7:50 AM

Hey man I experienced the same exact problem with Ryan Air travelling to Bremen via stansted England. Did you have any luck with a refund? I have filed two complaints and they’ve been bull****ing me I am thinking about suing. You can contact me @ [email protected]
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daleep_awana Sep 24, 2018 7:41 AM

tidii . have to do something . i fled this complaint but to no response. what can be done .. my e mail is [email protected].

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