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Shann Feb 11, 2020 4:00 AM

Deplorable behavior of AC flight attendant
I have reported this to Air Canada customer service but haven't heard back. I went on a Morocco tour with Gate1 flying out from Houston to Montreal and then Casablanca.

First of all my flight from Houston to Montreal was delayed for an hour at first but then two and then three. I reached Montreal at 640pm and the flight to Montreal was 7pm boarding 615pm. I almost missed the flight! And then the worst part was on the flight from Montreal to Casablanca where I was treated horribly by their crew member. My seat was 28C Aisle. The service on my side was very slow; to give a perspective the crew members who were serving passengers on my right were done almost 10 minutes before I was served on my aisle. When the lady (dark hair) pulled her cart to offer drinks, I asked for a hot tea. She said she only has cold drinks and said something like "hot drinks later." She never came back. When her partner (French-speaking Caucasian with crew cut/military haircut) came later with a cart to pick up trash, I again asked him for a cup of hot tea. He looked at me, turned his head & kept going. He didn't even say a word! I turned my head and uttered to myself, "what kind of service is this? This is the type of service AC provides? I think he heard me. [The captain at the start of the flight proudly announced AC consistently being rated as one of the best airline, best service??].

About 30 min before landing in Casablanca, this same crew member came from behind, pressed the button on the side & pushed up my seat violently without any warnings. I looked back and saw him. He quickly walked toward the back and disappeared. I am convinced he did it with a vengeance because he heard I criticized his poor service. That was low & pathetic of him. I've traveled and flew for many years & I've never seen any flight attendant who would sneak up from behind & push up the seat suddenly without any warnings basically to shock the passenger. It's just a cup of hot tea & AC proved they can't even provide & with such deplorable service. Definitely flag AC for future trips.

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