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YVONNIE05 Jan 27, 2017 6:42 PM

To be a paying customer your service agents sucks
Not only did I have very bad customer service, Delta lost my luggage. It didn't leave JFK yet actually and I'm in Charleston, SC arrived at 2:30 AM should've been 12:30 AM. Flights delayed tremendously, staff on my Atlanta flight was very non-nonchalant when asked questions, and again the horrible customer service staff at JFK geesh y'all need to retrain and give a class on politeness. SYED and DAWN in ticketing at terminal 4, it just couldn't get any worse with them. Couldn't help with my bags or my infant car seat... shooed me away from his desk and told me to get away... the representative in rebooking was very rude to me and my child! The service received is unacceptable it seems like you have no customer service agents. Delta Delta Terminal - John F. Kennedy International Airport

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