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Castey62 May 6, 2017 2:16 PM

Male steward abuse
My husband and I were on flight 611 on American Airlines on April 29,2017. There were storms over the connecting flight city. We were diverted to another airport to refuel. Our flight was suppose to be about 5 hours long. We were already well past that point. My husband asked the steward about food due to the fact that I have diabetes and had not had anything to eat for many hours. I was sitting in my seat texting our house sitter to see if he could stay an extra night as we had missed our connecting flight.
The steward which my husband had spoken to came up behind me and THREW cookies in my lap. I told him "I cant eat just that" he then proceeded to reach into my groin area and grab all of the cookies back! In the process of him doing this, he also scratched my hand. I am on a blood thinner and ended up with a large bruise on my hand which I took photos of. We were able to get a later flight out to our final destination, and when a nice lady stewardess asked me how I was, I just started crying. I was so upset over how I was treated by the other flight attendant that I lost it. I showed her my hand, she offered me ice and tissues to dry my eyes. I also spoke to another attendant who was just flying and took an empty seat next to me, he was dressed differently than the one on the first flight. He told me that American Airlines was bought by US Air and that by the way the other attendant was dressed, he was actually a US Air personnel. Also the first attendant did not have a name tag on and all of the attendants on the second flight did have them.

I wrote a letter of complaint to the airline, and got a canned response that they were sorry for any problems I had with the flight, but be sure to fly them again and give them a second chance. Are they kidding me??
I don't know what to do from here. I feel I should at least be partially reimbursed for my flight since it lasted almost 12 hours and for the way we were treated. I sent a response back to their canned email saying I wanted a phone call from a supervisor, and of course that did not happen

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