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Blinda May 23, 2013 8:31 AM

Air India - absolutely miserable service at airport
:mad::mad: We, a group of 13 persons aged between 10 and 83 years, had a flight with Air India from Mumbai to Delhi and then a connecting flight from Delhi to Amritsar. The first flight was delayed by the airline (no reason given) and the second flight was earlier than originally planned. We reached at Delhi at 11:45 am (over 1 hour late). The next flight was 12:05pm. Air India did not take us immediately to the other plane nor did they let us leave the first plane preferrebly. They then even did not let us board, although the gate was still open. The "managers" of Air India then delayed all our intentions to get back our money or to be booked on another earlier flight to Amritsar other than Air India till it was too late for all alternatives. They also did not give us a form to fill in for compensation. In the end we were booked on the flight to Amritsar at 10 pm, what meant 10 hours of waiting. They then told us, that we could wait in the lounge during that time and we could have a lunch. Dinner we would have on the flight in the evening. We then had to fight for our lunch, for they brought us to a bar then. The lounge of Air India was only for First and Business Class, not for us (Economy Class) and Air India was not willing to let us in. Each time, we wanted to talk to one of the managers of Air India on phone, they switched off their phones during the call!!! And after one call, they switched off their mobiles completely!! At 3 pm (after 3 hours of fighting and discussing) we at last got a lunch in that bar. As we were suspicious about the "dinner" during the next flight, we then had to fight again for something to eat in the evening. Air India just paid for 1 (!!!) sandwich and 1 (!!!) drink each!!! And as expected the "dinner" during the flight to Amritsar was a drink and one small package of peanuts! The crew members on both flights were extremely unfriendly, too.
We cannot recommend anyone to fly with Air India and we will not do it again in future!

rgpnz May 23, 2013 11:50 AM

Bottom of The Barrel
Air India was once considered a flying jewel, it defined the culmination one man's ambition, dedication and perserverance. Sadly I wonder if the founder Mr JRD Tata's ambition wore off on the next generation who ran AI into the ground. It is truly a symbol of national disgrace to call the airline in its current state a national carrier, let alone the national carrier of India. One can only hope that re-privatization will do some good for the airline.

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