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Raksha Apr 22, 2017 9:19 AM

Denied check in despite mobile boarding pass and being on time
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I had an Air India (AI 0024) flight from Delhi to Bombay on 11th Dec, 2016 at 6pm. I reached the airport at 5:10pm and was standing at "Air India All Domestic Flights Check-in counter." However, the check-in was from the international counter and I (along with few other passengers) had to rush to that counter. It was 5:15pm and I asked one officer if this is the right counter and that I might get late. I was told to stand in line. By the time I reached the counter, it was 5:27pm and though web checked in passengers are allowed half an hour prior, they said the counter is closed and that I should speak with the duty officer. The duty officer (Harnimrat Kaur) was not ready to accept that I was on time in the airport and that I was told to stand in the line despite me telling I might get late. In addition, she tried to blame it all on me and said I was not at the airport. It is unimaginable how the staff speaks with passenger and even then when it is their mistake! The officer at the counter refused to speak on my behalf that I was at the counter on time and did not listen even when I said to check the cctv footage of me entering the airport (if they are so not ready to agree with me) Though I had web checked in and had a mobile boarding pass, they did not allow me. As I desperately needed to get to Mumbai, I purchased a new ticket at INR14000 with no mistake of mine. This is taking advantage of people's desperate situations and just because it is a government organisation, doesnt mean they can do anything to increase business!! This is another such site (out of the many) that I am posting my complaint on. I have not heard from anyone since so many months but I will not stop as I am the one who has been wronged here!

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