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Imanol May 3, 2017 1:49 PM

Not getting my refund for lost items
This is so frustrating, it's like the 6th time I have to write this story, but here I go:

Exactly 2 months ago I landed in Tegel Airport, Berlin, coming from Guarulhos, Sao Paulo, with a stop in Zurich.
When I got my bag, it had a massive gash and weighted a lot less than it did prior to the flight. It was all taped yellow and had a sign saying FOWARD TO BAGGAGE CLAIM.

I asked for help to the Swiss Air staff, and they only told me how to get to the Baggage Claim Office. Once there, every detail about the bag was taken, but nothing about the missing content. I was told someone would show up at the house I was staying within the next 7 days to check the bag in person. This never happened of course, so after 8 days I issued a complaint. The answer was that complaints about missing items had to be submitted within the first week. Isn't that convenient?

I was assigned a Customer Service Representative called Yayale Longo, who has only replied to me once every 3 weeks, when I submit a new complain at Swiss Air website.
I was given a new bag but I'm being 200% ignored about the 7kg of clothes missing. I was asked for an IBAN number, a SWIFT code, my addres in Berlin and a list of the missing items, but haven't heard anything back from them for the past 2 weeks.

I just submitted my third complaint at their website, and hopefully my Customer Service Representative answers something, because I'm sick of this.

Any advice?

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