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Ariana87 Oct 10, 2019 6:10 AM

Lost laptop in plane ""disappeared"
I flew on 28.09.2019 with LH983. In Frankfurt, in the bus to the terminal,I realized that I forgot my laptop in the chair pocket, I put it there before landing. I immediately contacted the airport person who were with us in the bus, the person at the terminal- they told to approach Lufthansa. I approached an official representative of Lufthansa, running through the airport very stressed as I had a connection to other fly...the lufthansa lady spoke with me very aggressively to address Lost&Found. I wrote to Lufthansa immediately and called them. No outcome.
They wrote back that they start an investigation. I don't know what they mean by "investigation", but they wrote me that they did not find the laptop.
It is absolutely incredible not to find a laptop in a plane minutes after passengers were out. This company is not reliable and I will now look at all as thieves!
The laptop could not be taken by other pessangers as it was in the middle chair it is hard to imagine that someone would make that effort to go between the chairs and grap it.
Horrible service of Lufthansa!/

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