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cortney Oct 11, 2010 9:08 AM

Air India Customer service
Ok, for the 1st time im going to complain!!! i was so ****** off that this airline deserves it!!

I was flying for company business from SAV-ORD-FRA-LEJ. SAV-ORD on UA which was great. ORD-FRA on air india (HATE THEM with a passion even if the service is fine) and FRA-LEJ on lufthansa. when we arrived into ORD from UA we switched terminals from 2 to 5. no problem. our problem was at check in. It was myself and 1 other coworker on 1 reservation and 5 on another reservation. our company makes us fly this messed up airline all the time because they are dirt cheap (and you get what you pay for). so my friend and i went to check in together. we knew the plane wasn't full at all. so we walked up and said hi how are you. the woman put us in a middle and aisle. i asked if there were any open window seats available. she said "no" i kindly asked if i could possibly get an aisle then. this was her response "both of you cant sit in the aisle, you cant sit on each others laps" i told her i dont need to sit next or near my friend, she said "i dont ask you guys for anything" i was begining to become appaled by her attitude. i have flown AI alot and this has never happend before. then she tells us..."the passengers are much more important than you guys" I was stunned!! We told her that we are not stand by passengers. we are full fare non-refundable paying passengers and we are passengers. our mistake (and we were so caught off guard by her statedment) is that we didnt get a manager out there on the spot. then she asks if we were checking luggage. i told her i was just carrying on she told me to put it on the scale to weigh i did. my friend asked if I had to check and she said no but she should..i couldnt since i had my uniform in my bag and it is against our policy to check our uniforms. after 15 minutes of this rude B...we went to the gate and told the 2 agents what happend. 1 guy was down there when this all went down and he knew we fly this airline alot. he gave us her name and contact information for air india...he was nice. But trust me, if i had a choice when i travel i wouldnt fly air india. even if you get a nice agent, this airline sucks...curry smelling planes, entertainment systems that dont work and crabby flight attendants. cant wait until my company sticks me on this crap of an airline to go home....NOT

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