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Sunet Nel Sep 16, 2013 5:24 PM

Rude and incompentent employees! Humiliating!
We were suppose to fly from Charles De Gaulle International Airport Paris to OR Tambo Johannesburg SA business class on 30 August 2013 departing 23:20 and arrive in Johannesburg at 9:50 with flight AF990. When checking our bags in at 15:00 the 30 August 2013 the Air France employee took our bags and JUST INFORM US that we depart the next day, 31 August 2013, at 8:00!! It was not discussed! Our bags were already checked in and we were not happy with this.
We have two small children who were waiting for us back in SA and the lady taking care of them had to leave the Saturday, 31 August 2013 at 12:00.
Another French lady came and all speaking in French organized, very rudely (!!!), flights from Paris (on Air France) to Heathrow and then Virgin Active to OR Tambo but economic! I told her this is unacceptable and she asked me if I want it or not!! Then without talking to us, change everything again to Air France to Heathrow and British Airways to OR Tambo on business class. Everything in French, ignoring us not discussing anything!!
This flight was fine just to find out, when boarding, that we are not allowed on the flight to Heathrow, because we did not had visums for the UK. The security on this flight was again very R U D E! And we felt like criminals! Again, not telling us what is going on but speaking in French and we could not understand.
Only one lady at the customer desk (wish I can remember her name to thank her deeply) was the only French lady and employee who tried to help us! She went out of her way to find us a flight via Zurich to OR Tambo on Air Swiss. I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart! She advised us to ask at the boarding desk if our luggage is on the plane, because we were worried about it.

When waiting to board to Zurich the lady at the boarding desk was rude again!! She asked me if she can help and when I tell her my story and ask her to check if our luggage is on the plane, she shout at me if I can see she is busy!! And I must step aside and wait and and and!
The moment we step on Air Swiss we felt welcome!!! Nice, friendly, smiling!!! Actually talking to us!!
At OR Tambo, our luggage was lost! No surprise!! Because Air France employees did not change the necessary to the correct flight! When we boarded the first flight to Zurich I specifically asked the rude lady to check our bags tags.

My complaint:
2. VERY INCOMPETENT EMPLOYEES, for booking us on a flight without checking our visums
3. WE ARE NOT CRIMINALS!! We were handled like criminals because of Air France employees who did not do their jobs correctly.
4. We were send form all over the airport, rushing, running, sweating and NO ONE HELPED US!!!!!!!
5. As a business class paying customer, this is UNACCEPTABLE!!! We could not relax in the lounges and enjoy our holiday!!
6. This whole experience was HUMILIATING from the start.

jimworcs Sep 16, 2013 11:42 PM

Being surprised that Air France employees are rude is like being surprised the pope is catholic.

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