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zgabalau Oct 18, 2017 8:54 AM

No refund after 6 months
Even, maybe I will not solve anything regarding my issue, at least I would let everybody know my disgusting experience with Qatar Airways company / customer support / finance department. I had a ticket from Riyadh - Milan and due to the circumstances between the countries I find myself in the situation of being forced to cancel the ticket due to the reason the air space between the countries was close, no flights were operated between the two countries, therefore I cancelled the ticket personally in their office in Riyadh. I provided them with everything they've asked, bank account and etc. the refund was approved with no problems. From here comes a 3 month waiting with absolutely no reply from their side, also no money of course. In the meantime the office in Riyadh closed so nowhere to complain about this than to their HQ in DOHA. From here begins the nightmare. After dozens of calls, emails, time, energy and money wasted, they are still delaying me without offering any reason " please understand" or " the matter was forwarded to the responsible department" and using the most embarrassing and disgusting strategies to delay me more. I find myself in the situation, that after 6 months, a very easy and simple procedure, transformed into a real mess and nightmare myself, being left with a considerable amount of money lost and with a very bitter taste regarding what supposed to be one of the best flying airline company in the world. What a disgrace !:mad:

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