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gadaveuk Oct 27, 2020 6:00 AM

British Airways refused me being disabled from boarding my flight

I had paid for my flight and well before my departure informed British Airways that I was disabled with Asthma and COPD and that I required Oxygen for my flight, I also gave them letter from my doctor saying I was fit to fly with Oxygen on board.

I paid in full for my British Airways departure Flight number BA0103 from Calgary to Heathrow, London, England and my return flight.

I arrived at Calgary 27 May 2009 on time for my British Airways flight departure, I checked in, I even passed security and was waiting to board my flight.

In flight departure I was contacted by a British Airways staff member who informed me I was being refused from boarding the plane.

How in any way could British Airways treat any person in such a careless cruel way, this shows that British Airways takes no consideration or caring in their passengers what so ever.

I contacted British Airways with out any response.

British Airways did not even offer me a financial refund in any way, for a flight that they would not let me get on.

How can they take any persons money and treat people in such disrespectful cruel painful inconsiderate stress filled ways.

Why would British Airways expect any one to trust them in any way with such unhealthy treatment of their passengers.

It is funny that I had forgiven British Airways for their cruelty towards me, and then I saw some thing that brought it all back to me and felt I needed to get it out.

I booked with Air Canada and got my flights with out any troubles what so ever, needless to say I did not use my return flight back with British Airways.

I would not use British Airways they do not deserve my business and I do not trust them one bit.

If they can hurt a disabled 63 year old man in such a cruel they do not deserve any business what so ever.

I will not fly with British Airways, it is the very last air line I would ever fly with.

British Airways would like to think they represent status and quality, for me they have no value what so ever, how can I honestly trust such business people who hurt offend and disrespect people in such ways, for me they are a dishonourable business.

How could I possible respect British Airways when they are unable to respect their customers.

There was not even an offer of a refund of my money I paid for my British Airways flights, I did not receive a penny in refund or even an attempt of an apology.

Thank you British Airways for showing me the real company you are.

Thank you every for reading my experience of British Airways customer caring.

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