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nxpx32 Jan 2, 2015 11:16 AM

Spirit Airlines SUCKS!
I am writing to express my extreme frustration and disappointment in how my
flights with Spirit Airlines were been handled. First off, I am no
stranger to flying. I typically fly between 1 to 3 cities per week and
only missed 1 flight in the past 3 years. I'd be more than happy to go
over the obvious inefficiencies and annoyances that plaque Spirit Airlines
and ultimately contributed to me missing my original flight.

For now, let's start with my original "missed" flight, Spirit #902 which
was to depart at 2:43PM to fly direct from DFW to Orlando. A lady at the
counter told me that there were no more flights available to Orlando that
day and to come back tomorrow. I expressed my concern that I had to be in
Florida for a morning meeting with the city of Vero Beach. She told me my
only option was to fly to Ft. Lauderdale at 5:15PM. I didn't have a choice
so I accepted.

After clearing security and spending some time nearby the gate, I hear a
"last call for Orlando" over the intercom while using the restroom. I ran
out as quick as I could to the gate. To my surprise, I found out that
there was another Spirit flight direct to Orlando at 3:45PM. Just as
before, the attendant at the counter kept saying "just a minute" while
others cut in front of me. By the time I could talk to an attendant, the
gate to this flight was closed. I was told that there were more than 50
seats still available and that my flight to Ft. Lauderdale was delayed to
after 8PM.

I then asked to speak to the manager, Pauline Kanouse, employee number
50970. After explaining my situation, there wasn't an ounce of care or
sympathy on her behalf. She stated that there was nothing she could do to
mollify the situation. I asked for simply admitting that this was Spirit
Airlines mistake. Pauline adamantly refused to apologize stating that she
would need to conduct her own investigation with the employee that booked
my flight. What was there to investigate? I was booked on the wrong flight
by Spirit Airlines. As a result, I must fly to a further destination on a
plane that was delayed to 8:23PM. My hotel and car were booked through
Priceline, which does not allow changes in reservations. Because of Spirit
Airline's error, I could not use my car/hotel reservations and arrived at
Vero Beach more than 5 hours later than I should have… 3AM!

Pauline offered all passengers to my delayed flight a $50 voucher good for
future Spirit Airline flights. She offered this to me as if it would be
compensation for the mistake. This was of no value to me after the way she
handled my situation. It's been more than a week and I am still
infuriated. Everyone understands the power of social media. It makes
sense why Spirit Airlines does not have a Facebook page as it would be
nothing but a complaint wall. I wrote to Spirit Airlines for a
chance to make it right before garnering public attention. My request was for a written apology from Pauline Kanouse and a refund for the costs directly associated with this mistake: my flight ($184.78), car ($62.28), original hotel ($82.42) for 1 night, new hotel ($105.67) for 1 night totaling $435.15.

Spirit Air is a low budget carrier. I get it. There are so many simple things to improve on that are "free" to implement. Big changes start from the top down. Pauline and/or Spirit Air had the option to make this unfortunate situation right. Both chose to ignore the issue. Lost me as a customer in the process.

pinzoil1 Apr 2, 2018 5:34 PM

That's what you get for the cheap ticket. Bad service, (Pauline) bad airline. Bring your rosary beads next time.

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