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MarykeKennard Oct 24, 2016 3:13 PM

Sexual Harassment by Etihad Manager
Ok so, I have been holding off on this story out of respect for the company and giving them a fair time to respond and handle the situation. Radio silence for two weeks, so here is my story on being sexually harassed in an Etihad Airways office in Bahrain.
About a month and a half ago, I went to visit the Etihad branch in Seef Mall, Manama, Bahrain. On arrival I sat down and was later asked to move to the back so the manager on duty could help me as some of the other staff were occupied.
I sat down at a cubicle and R helped me with my requested pricing on his tablet. I am a chatty person, so I engage in the usual small talk, which resulted in him asking me how the sex life in South Africa is compared to Bahrain, since its so closed off in the countries hes lived in. I laughed it off and said that it was more open in South Africa. He then asked me, "Would you mind having sex with me?". To which I replied, snappy "Yes I would mind." He misunderstood this and took as a yes, but I told him instantly after I saw his reaction that it meant no, very no.
He proceeded to bring it up again and I tell him I have a boyfriend, and even if I didn't, I wouldn't sleep with a random man. His reasoning was that if we are open about it in South Africa, then we must want to do it with everyone. That was the first moment I felt threatened in the offices. But I kept a smile and tried to get the booking done so I could leave.
We got interrupted by one of his coworkers, who asked if he could help him with a booking, to which he looked at me and I told him he could take his time. I took this time to message my mother and tell her that I felt unsafe and needed an excuse to get out of this, but I had no clue how we would change the ticket.
Once he was done helping his coworker, he got up and closed the door, to prevent the "noise". There was only one client from what I could see, so "noise" wasn't a problem.
I mentioned that I am a bit anxious and need to get this sorted as it is causing a lot of stress. He then proceeds to tell me I would have less stress/ be calmer if I would just have sex with him. At this point I get annoyed, and tell him to just go to a sex parlor if he was that desperate, to which he replied "They only give hand jobs."
He continues with the booking, I tell him to hold on a moment as I am just waiting for "approval" from my parents. Which was just me waiting for my mom to say its okay, and that we can find another way to book this ticket.
He then mentions that he could tell everyone in the office to leave and we can have sex right there in the office....
This is where I wanted to get up and run, as it was the first moment it felt truly unsafe. The employees seemed to get less at that point as it was close to closing time. I pick up my phone and tell him I am messaging my parents to hear if the change is okay as he was pushing for me to stay longer so he could "look for a better price/route", even if it meant we would be the only ones there.
I made up an excuse and left, him still urging me to stay later, as no junior staff member could get me these prices....
So thank you Etihad, for responding well and keeping me updated for about 2 weeks. Then going dead silent. Great really. I hope this post gets around... I just didn't expect this from an Airline who is supposed to be one of the best in the world.

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