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CMTT Jun 24, 2017 6:16 PM

Payment method trouble
Are the people at the ticket counter really unable to split a payment between cash and a card? Any grocery store can. Any point-of-sale system I've ever heard of, really. The clerk berated me for being unprepared and said that my daughter would miss her flight because of it. We arrived two hours early but they let everyone on a 15-minute earlier flight skip the very very long line, which would have been fine with me if they then hadn't given us a bad attitude both at the counter and at the gate for being "late."

I apologized for not knowing they couldn't split payments and ran like the wind across the building to the atm. We ended up at the gate with 20 minutes to spare, but I will never forget how that clerk treated us and how upset my daughter was. If I had had any inkling that such a commonplace request would be a problem, I would have simply gone to the atm beforehand. I spent a long time before writing this review looking through their website for any warning about this but couldn't find one. Thank you for reading.

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