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filletbuster Aug 17, 2016 7:47 PM

Re-routed to diff. Destination city made to pay for my own rental car
My fiancée, daughter, and I were booked from DSM-ATL-CAE August 10. We arrived at the airport at 4:45 AM (Our flight time was changed from 6AM to 5:40AM). When we got there, we got held up in TSA's line, so we radioed to the gate to have them hold the plane, as we were literally 1 minute from being through. My 5 year old daughter and fiancée got through and went to the gate and were told to board the plane and that I could not board since I was not there, even though it was still 10 minutes prior to departure and we had asked them to hold the door. As I walked up, they closed the door and told me they would not re-open it. I got very upset and asked them why and they told me 100 other passengers had to get where they were going, even though the plane was still there and the gate agent still had the passenger card at the gate and ended up going back on the plane. The gate agent refused to allow us on again, and I asked for the supervisor. The supervisor stated that since there system was down Monday, all flight to Atlanta were full. She offered to get me in next day, but no offer of hotel was made, so I refused. She then offered to get us into another arrival city, but she stated I would have to pay for my own rental car since Delta didn't pay for rentals. As a result, we flew into Charlotte, NC instead of Columbia, SC, got there 6 hours after we were supposed to, had to rent a car, pay for it, drive it to Columbia, SC, return the car, take a shuttle to my car, and then drive to Savannah, GA, getting to Savannah at 8:00 PM instead of 2:30 PM like we should have. I contacted and have heard nothing. I asked for three travel vouchers and reimbursement for the rental car, which I do not believe is unreasonable, especially since the flights were all overbooked and they would have forced someone off the plane and given them a voucher anyway. I believe they grossly abused their power and their lack of empathy for the situation is intolerable and they must be held accountable, especially since we did everything in our power to notify them that we were right there. Our gate was literally the first one next to TSA's checkpoint and 2 of the 3 people were there well before departure and I was there before departure time as well. Can anyone help me out here?

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