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thomas R Nov 17, 2015 11:16 PM

Refused boarding EY 8705
My name is Renin Thomas .I traveled with my family with (wife and kids of age 5 years and 14 months) in the month of August 2015 from Dublin to Kochi via Abudhabi on 11th August with Etihad. I had transit period of about 1 hour 15 minutes in Abudhabi to Kochi on 12th Aug. I was Refused boarding from Abudhabi to Kochi flight ( Jet connection). We reached departure gate (gate 49, T-3) 20 min before the departure time and was told boarding closed.We even showed our boarding pass which we got it from Dublin but the staff didn't show any interest/allowed us to board the flight. We tried to explain to the ground staff but they didn't entertain / pay any heed .

We told them that we waited for stroller and didn't get any and had to walk from T1 to T3 carrying the kids. Also we had to wait in the long queue for the security clearance. We had our own stroller which was send directly to Kochi from Dublin with the confirmation that we will get complementary stroller in Abudhabi.

All the way while walking i was keeping an eye on the terminal information screens and all was showing Flight Boarding. , there was no announcements or Last / final call for passengers displayed on the terminal boards.

I had the valid Boarding pass from Dublin all the way to Kochi and I didn't see any announcement for us. How can they treat us as No Show?

We were asked to contact Etihad help desk / travel desk for re-arranging the ticket. When we reached the help desk but there was no help provided from them too. Instead we were asked to purchase new tickets for our further travel, they classified as "No Show "it seems. We were not given any kind of consideration or hospitality when were in the lobby for 7 hours with my kids in Abudhabi when we were trying to book tickets for the next flight.We were in such a desperate situation with no help and kids getting sick and tired with no sleep for past 12 hours from the previous travel.There was no seats available on the Etihad flights, next available was 12 hours later. At last we got ticket through Qatar Airways, but we had to travel to Doha and then take connection to Kochi .We paid nearly 800 for the flight tickets to Kochi apart from other expenses at airport.

Qatar Airways initially didn't allowed us to Fly with out our Luggage.But we had to convince them and give it in writing that we are willing to travel without luggage,after that they allowed us to fly from Abudhabi. The reason they told us was there was no time left to transfer the luggage from Etihad to load on to the Qatar flight.

We checked with Etihad desk and they told they can't send the luggage to Kochi without the passenger on board. Also they confirmed they will transfer the luggage to Qatar airways, and which will be send to Kochi via Qatar flight later. Our luggage didn't travel with Qatar airways. When we reached Kochi on 13th our luggage was received from Etihad travel desk in Kochi, which was total surprise. (Still wondering, how Etihad send our luggage without passenger on board).

On 13th Aug afternoon I received a call from Aboubacar Ndoye, Global contact centre Help Desk that because we missed flight from AUH-COK on the 12th August and rebooked the same itinairy with a with a different airline we had to reissue tickets in order for return travel .We were asked to pay another 403 to reissue tickets for the return flights.So we had to pay another 403 euros as we didn't have any options left.

We paid nearly 1200 for tickets itself apart from meals and other expenses at airport, mainly struggled with my baby with out any baby food for 12-18 hours. We had no cash to pay all these extra expenses and we went through so much of stress physically,mentally and financially.we lost nearly 18hours of precious time by being held up in airport.

I am a frequent flyer with Etihad and It was the worst experience i ever had in these many years of my travel. There was no help, support ,care or any kind of hospitality or concern especially from your ground staff on that day in Abudhabi. Some of the staff were willing to help with our circumstances and our struggle with kids, but the duty manager on that day was terrible, very rude and rough.

Please do the justice to our complaint .Waiting for hopeful reply from your side.Attaching all the flight details and my contact detail.Please feel free to contact me any part of the day for any further clarifications.

Etihad Representative Nov 17, 2015 11:27 PM

Hello Thomas,

We are really sorry to read this and we understand your frustration.
Unfortunately we are unable to see your attachment kindly send us a private message with your booking reference and your email address.
Thank you.
Kind regards,
Etihad Help *KC

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