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BPCJG Sep 16, 2013 10:44 AM

Turkish Airlines lost luggage - promised compensation - no follow up
On October 20, 2012, I was flying with a friend of mine from Brussels to Kars, via Istanbul.

Upon arrival in Kars, we found out that our two checked in bags were missing. At the airport of Kars, service by Turkish Airlines was virtually inexistent as no staff spoke English. We had to call numerous times Turkish Airlines through Belgium because no local number of Turkish Airlines was working, in order to get more information on the status of our bags. Despite numerous promises from Turkish Airlines to call us as soon as the bags would be found, nobody ever called us, and we were forced to spend money to call Turkish Airlines numerous times through Brussels to get information.

After two days, we finally managed to get the information that our bags had been found. We were first told they were at the Kars airport. We had to interrupt our trip through Turkey to go back to Kars. When we arrived at the airport, we were told they were at the agency of Turkish Airlines in the center of Kars. When we arrived in the center of Kars, we found out that one of the bags had been damaged. One piece that supports the back of the bag was missing, making the backpack unusable.

During the two days that our bags were missing, we faced the inconvenience that we had no clothes and toilet bags with us and were forced to incur some costs to replace some.

We received several times from Turkish Airlines apologies and promises to be compensated, with the conclusion that their Compensation Division will contact us. Despite numerous reminders and similar promises, nobody ever calls back or sends us email to confirm compensation.

Therefore this ultimate try to attract attention to our issue. Turkish Airlines never denied that they would compensate us but they simply never do, which I find very unprofessional and impolite.

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