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Malcolm01 Nov 28, 2016 10:14 PM

Singapore Airlines will abandon your kids
I have flown Singapore airlines for years. They have some strict rules on many things, many of which I understand, although most of us who fly Singapore Airlines say they are mostly arrogant.

I did not realize how arrogant until they marooned two kids, including my son, in Malaysia based on one of these rules. Their customer service on this was so matter of fact and non emotional, I was just appalled!

Here's the story. I travel frequently, and I was traveling when I had to book a ticket for my son and his friend from Shanghai to Kuala Lumpur and back. He flew there on China Eastern - no issues. On the way back, at the KL airport, Singapore Airlines asked him for credit card verification (which means you must show a physical card at the time of check in). Of course he could not - he is under 18, and I had booked this ticket while traveling and did not have time to show up at a SQ counter or office. I called Singapore Airlines. They said - tough. Even though the kids had a confirmation letter, a SIGNED original letter from parents allowing them to travel on this specific flight (because they were minors), and the flights were already PAID For and confirmed by Singapore Airlines. Singapore Airlines Customer response: Tough. I said I can charge this on another credit card. No. What do you need me to verify this card? Show up at the their office or the airport. What about my two kids abandoned at a foreign country airport by themselves (minors, mind you) - tough. That's your problem. This rule is there for "your safety". What!!! My kids are abandoned at a foreign airport, and this rule is for their safety???

So my comments to all of you who fly SQ - they are nice and fine so long as you abide by their rules 100 percent. But give them a request to help two stranded kids and allow them to travel and find a solution to work around their credit card verification requirement - No, the customer service goes to crap.

My response to them: Refund my fees, and I will book the kids on any other airlines that cares more about the kids than some rule (which I understand is important to make sure people don't abuse the credit cards, but mind you, every other airline survives well without it). Their response: we are not sure we can refund the fees. We have to check. As i thought.

An arrogant airline, that cares more about their money, than customer service. The fact that their response was "sorry, sir, there is nothing we can do for you" shows that this is an airline that thinks NOTHING about two stranded kids for a paid airline ticket that they collected money for vs. figuring out a solution for the benefit of their 'valuable passengers'.

For all of you who fly airlines in this part of the world - fly Cathay Pacific. Miles better in customer service.

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