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jenniferq Apr 26, 2007 12:08 PM

Northwest strikes again!I too had a bad experiences with NWA
Northwest strikes again! I too had a bad experience on this airline. It was a flight from Philadelphia to Detroit. The trip to Philadelphia from Detroit was fine. The return flight was something else.

Bearing in mind that we flew out of the old NWA terminal at Detroit and into the new mulitmillion-dollar terminal on our return, we expected that there'd be a few glitches. The number of "glitches," however, was unacceptable.

First, the plane was 2 hours late in arriving in Philly.

Second, after the staff efficiently boarded us without further delay and the pilot taxied to the runway, we sat on the runway for 30 minutes waiting to take off.

Third, in Detroit, we taxied to the gate and waited on the plane for 30 minutes while NWA found an employee to "open the door."

Fouith, after finally being let off of the plane, we entered the new NWA terminal and found a dirty terminal, littered with garbage, and a lack of adequate signage. At the baggage carousels, the listed carousel change 3 times while we tried to find our luggage, which had been taken from the plane 45 minutes earlier. Eventually, we found our luggage sitting on an unmarked carousel.

Fifth, NWA employees were directing passengers to go in a completely opposite direction and far out of the way to find the parking shuttles, which actually could be found 20 feet from the carousel.

I wrote an email of complaint to NWA and got an aggravating standard response. However, my husband and I each received a $75 voucher toward future NWA travel.

Legally, passengers are entitled to a higher level of service than the level that I received, which level of service is an implied term of the contract into which we enter with the airline when we purchase our tickets.

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