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irmakaykin Dec 23, 2014 9:51 PM

9 hour delay thanks to beloved spirit airlines
Our flight #214 on 12/23 has returned back to Las Vegas after flying for an hour, as one of the flight attendants argued with one of the passangers. I woke up in the middle of the night to people shouting. Not only this incident made everyone on the plane super nervous, but the flight attendants joke saying "Now you have seen what happens when you don't do what I say" certainly did not relieve us at all. In addition, as we missed our connected flight to Cancun, we have been given replacements on American Airlines' flight AA1655. But of course, Spirit did not pay to American Airlines for our already checked in baggage and the only reason that stopped the American Airlines' stuff to charge us again is because he felt sorry for us. Now it gets even more interesting. Even though we managed to get on that plane despite all the wrong information and directions given by the Spirit Airlines' stuff, there had been a technical issue with that plane too and we are still in the airport at 4pm. We were supposed to be on our way to Cancun at 7am. There is no information on what time we will depart and we have been here the whole day without even a meal voucher. All that resulted from a flight attendant's unprofessional attitude. Not only she handled the case poorly, but also she teased the problematic passenger on purpose. Also, she was rude to other passengers after the incident. Today's summary, we have had a miserable day in the airport without any help from any Spirit Airlines stuff and have missed our already booked tour in Cancun. Thanks a lot Spirit!

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