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Montreal Rob Apr 7, 2016 3:01 AM

Air Canada is cheating their customers...
On march 31 rst, I purchased 3 tickets from montreal to Vancouver, round trip, for the month of June.
48 hours later, there is a seat sale...ticket prices drop 20%.
On three tickets , round trip, the savings would amount to about 400$.
I called AC and was told that any changes or drop in prices can only be claimed after 24 hours.
I am not allowed to cancel my flight...they will not refund me the differnce...after only 48 hours...basically screw you, I get nothing.
Any reputable business would offer something to their customers...
Needless to say, I will never book Air Canada again.

Captmarc May 1, 2016 12:24 PM

No Refunds EVER
Well, I guess after near 20 years of flying Air Canada it's time to actually look for Quality and service. Lately I have been double stung by Air Canada and Aeroplan alike. I travel quite extensively for my work every other month to Singapore, Middle East. I prided myself in reaching Super Elite most years with over 100,000 qualifying miles. Last year when the end of the year came I had close to 98,000 miles, only to see my qualifying miles listed as 50,000 Gold member. When I inquired to why the miscount, I was told, you flew some of those miles on our partner airlines and not ours, so you don't get credited with those miles to qualify. I protested about this NEW practice and the girl then laughed and said to me, well, I guess you are really not going to like what we are doing this year(2016). Oh, I said, and what treasure do you have in store for me this year?? You will not be accredited with miles based on how many miles there are but on how much money you spend on the ticket. So, My Business Lowest" will not get me full benefit for traveling unless I pay 5 times a normal fare to get full mileage!! Now even after that I had to change one of my flights , I was NOT allowed to change it, and had to cancel, BUT No refund, we will keep that amount minus all kinds of handling fees and taxes, and within one year you may use that ticket credit on the same flight and only YOU can use it. Well, that cuts it down doesn't it?? So that is basically , we have your money and good bye!! So YES Air Canada , after 20 years, I no longer have any loyalty to even try and use you anymore, it is a money grabbing experience. I have just booked a return flight from the Middle East on another airline and behold, the entire trip is cheaper than an Air Canada fare return from Halifax to London, Heathrow! Unbelievable how you can get away with this, the best International Airline in Canada?? the ONLY airline in Canada, that's why, Adios AC, I would like to say it has been worth it but no it hasn't.

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