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stuging Jun 15, 2017 1:26 PM

Incident: 170602-002888
I am yet to receive a response to my email dated 5/6/17 which was in response to a complaint i raised. Basis of the complaint was i was told something totally different at point of booking (Jan17) 5 tickets from NCL-VYR (I paid booking fees when we wouldn't need to BUT was advised it was the best way to do what i wanted to achieve) When i booked another ticket for my daughter (born May17) - and looked to allocate the correct seats - what i was told i could do originally, (booked things and paid), would ensure this wasn't possible. I understand only seats available can be booked etc - but this wasn't my complaint. I've been incorrectly informed by a BA rep, and the BA rep when booking the additional ticket didn't understand, his attitude was off and he hid behind 'can only book what is available' and other T&C's. He was not willing to understand my frustration or complaint. I was on a call for 2 hours on 2nd Jun and constantly told I couldn't speak to anyone else - I eventually got to speak to a supervisor (apparently) who raised the complaint (hence incident number) - but the email response once again hides behinds terms and conditions and DOES NOT acknowledge my basis of complaint. I had requested the original call to be listened to, so they can see what i was informed and understand from that why i have this grievance. A family of 6 going from london heathrow are now split up and the return flight will leave a mother with a 4yr old and a 2mth yr old baby to cope with or a 4yr old sitting on her own. My concerns and requests to prevent this was communicated numerous times at point of booking at which we were confirmed if we do it this way that wont happen. Shock horror - - it has.

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