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Lodie Sep 28, 2019 6:22 AM

Air Asia is deceiving
So i booked a return flight on Air Asia from Bangkok to Hong Kong, after having issues with visa entry I had to change my flight dates, which seemed to be a big problem with the airline, after numerous emails it was refused. I waited till I got the the airport in Chiang Mai and went to see the Air Asia counter, after some time and my explanation about my visa restrictions, I was helped but had to buy another ticket for my return flight. Then all went wrong on my return from Hong Kong, I was refused by the airline because of my visa restriction and was told that I have to proof that i have a connecting flight out of Bangkok, which was easy, but they refused to except that and both attendants got snotty and rude and said its my problem and I should contact my consulate. So you want to tell me they could not tell me that in the beginning and not make me pay for 2 extra flights.....The worst service and airline I have ever used, and will never use again. Their motto should be "fly at own risk sucker"

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