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Rivkamal Jun 6, 2008 11:28 PM

Charge to talk to a person
I was trying to use frequent flier miles and I made a mistake in the reservation. The computer gave me a number to call and the next thing I knew I was talking to someone in Bangladesh. He told me he could fix my problem but I would have to pay an extra $25. I called back on the Elite Members line and the snappish woman who answered told me that was correct-they now charge $25 extra to speak to a person. I wonder how much it costs to talk to a person who will help you? I asked her why I was being sent to Bangladesh and she laughed at me and told me because she wanted to and even though I was begging her not to she sent me back overseas. The worst part was she enjoyed abusing me.
I have been a Medallion Flier on Delta for 10+ years and believe me it is equal opportunity-they give you no better treatment. It is disgraceful.:eek:

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