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achohfi Jul 29, 2016 3:42 PM

Extreme delays, no refunds, totaly ignored
FLIGHT 197 from Miami to Orlando, 17th June, half hour delayed, connection to São Paulo (same flight number) did not wait.

In Miami they never told flight was late till it was to late for me to make another choice. What they eventually told me was they would take care of me once I got to Orlando. I was flying first class.

Once in Orlando I was just ignored by ground personnel who yelled and sent me to "those black telephones". No help there.

No vouchers for a meal, no help with hotel nothing at all.

Now I know I have to linger at this airport for 24 hours before boarding the 197 flight for São Paulo, Brazil.

After spending the night half awake at the lobby of the Hyatt they finally are able to give me a room at 10am. I pay of course. I pay for breakfast, lunch and dinner. At 8pm I am back at the gate to board my flight.

All seems well and plane is about to leave when captain announces we will WAIT FOR THE DELAYED FLIGHT FROM MIAMI (again). Why wait on Saturday and not on Friday?

So now we sit for a whole hour waiting for passengers and luggage to be rearranged.

Once I reach my destination I get two (template) e-mails apologising for the delays. I vent my frustration; does it matter? NO it does not.

Once back in the USA I try all possible ways of talking to Delta for a feasible explanation and for a refund. Does it work? Of course not. The refund choice on the phone call disconnects your call. All representatives I spoke to were not able to help, were very sympathetic and apologetic but to me this is not enough.

Very frustrated, if you want to praise the company there is plenty of links or people prepared to listen.

I hope this helps. I am not giving up!!!

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