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royfaletti Jul 7, 2016 5:40 PM

Refusal to reimburse for hotel when desk was out of vouchers
I recently had a flight cancelled on a Friday everning from Charlotessville to Charlotte. The next flight was not available until the next morning. The desk agent said they were out of vouchers, but that I would be reimbursed for my hotel expense. I registered a constructive complaint on the website and the answer was basically, "sorry for the problem, so we've added 15,000 points to your account." I emailed back saying I was only asking for reimbursement as I was promised. The response asked for more specifics and I emailed back w the receipt. I recd a vm this morning from an agent saying "sorry we can only give you $75 per our policy. Thank you for flying American Airlines and have a good day." That is close to verbatim. I've travelled extensively the past 10 yrs and had similiar experiences--both w American, United and SW--and have never been treated so poorly. I'm a small fish, but it's highly unlikely I will ever fly American again.

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