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ssahni Aug 24, 2017 7:13 PM

Trip delay and Baggage issue
@AirComplaints My flights were delayed twice and I missed my connecting flight, delaying my trip by more than 24 hours. My bags never arrived and I went my entire 10 day trip without my things. I spent a good deal of my trip going back and forth to airports and trying to get answers on the phone. What is more shocking was how careless and laid back the ground staff were when I tried to complain. After paying so much for a ticket, I am extremely disappointed in the non existent customer service that I have received. Not only does the airline fail to give me any sort of info on the process of how a claim works but they are extremely rude and have even hung up on me asking to correspond using emails only after making me hold and transferring me around for more than an hour.It took them one month to get back to my email only to say that they are sorry and cannot do anything about the claim as it was past 7 day period.

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