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Malayu Nov 28, 2015 11:48 AM

A con- Hidden charges. MH1MH143
Recently I booked a flight, London-Sydney. In view of the urgency I paid the fare quoted. I came across these ruses to confuse and extract more money.:
1. The drop down details under which the fares operate did not work so was unable to read the conditions of the fare quoted. I had to ring the call-centre.
2. The airline uses a premium telephone line there by extracting more money from passengers/customers. they tend to keep callers holding there by charging even more.
3. For each seat chosen I had to pay GBP 12, so for the return trip I had to pay GBP48. MA changes planes at KL so had to pay again. This is daylight robbery. This is just a means of raising more money.
So potential customers beware of all this hidden charges.
MA is not a budget airline but a national airline but they behave like a budget airline.
After my trip I will post again to give details of the flight. Their advert slogan ' Malaysian Hospitality' should change as they do not live up to the standard of the real hospitality one gets in Malaysia.
Using MAS again doubtful

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