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Socalflier Nov 27, 2011 7:39 PM

United harasses Frontier Passenger at LAX Security
United Supervisor Steve Stargen hangs out at the TSA checkpoint Terminal 6 at LAX. Why I'm not sure? My teenage daughter forgot to put her small purse that she was wearing into her personal item so TSA stopped her for 3 items. As she's putting the purse in her carry on and zipping it, Mr. Stargen decides to work the TSA check point by pulling my daughter out of line, telling her she has 2 suit cases and ordering her down to the Frontier counter to check one of them. No matter that the small duffle on top of her roller board fits under the seat in front of her. No matter that this same suitcase combo has flown through security checkpoints around the country including Chicago, LAX (prior to Mr. Stargen's apparent new found penchant for hanging out at TSA check points), DFW, Houston, St. Louis, Denver, Kansas City--all no problem. But let's pick one of the busiest flying days of the year to harass a teenager about her carry on! I asked him, what makes this (pointing to the smaller bag resting on top of her roller board) a "suitcase" and not a "personal item." And all I get is, "this is a Federal regulation. You've gotten away with it before." Is it a power trip to push teenage girls around? What is this guy thinking? Is this even his job? TSA wasn't pulling her out of line. Of course I just walked with her down to the Delta checkpoint Terminal 5 where she entered with NO PROBLEM!! Mr. Stargen, time to get a life and stop harassing young women. I bet if she was a large 250 pound man you wouldn't have so abused and lied to her. There is no federal regulation prohibiting a rollerboard and a carry on. Frontier didn't bat an eye as she boarded her plane with her 2 carry ons, putting one under the seat in front of her (as she told you she has) and one in the overhead bin. You should be ashamed.

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