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Gil Anav Dec 23, 2020 9:48 PM

Aeromexico is Dishonest
I purchased a ticket from Mexico City to London on August 2, 2020. On August 9th, Aeromexico cancelled the flight. They did not even offer to refund the money paid for the ticket, as they must do by law (plus 25%). Rather, the cancellation message said that we could have an open ticket to any destination. However, this was a lie. To this date (December 23rd), Aeromexico has neither refunded the ticket price nor honored their offer for an open ticket. All I get when I call the airline are lies and more lies -- first, they said that the money had already been refunded, and then that I would get a voucher for 115% of the ticket price, but none of that is true.

We've filed a complaint with the Mexican consumer protection agency and the airline's response was to send us a notice informing us that our claim was subject to their bankruptcy proceeding in New York. Yet another lie -- that proceeding does not affect any claim against the airline that was created after June 30, 2020. I suppose that their strategy will be to try and fool the Mexican courts into believing their latest lie. They'll probably also claim that the flight cancellation was caused by Covid, although they sold the ticket and cancelled the flight in August, well after they knew all about the pandemic's effect on air travel. (I suspect that their plan all along was to cancel the flight four weeks out and just keep the passengers' money.)

Many people have told me of similar acts of dishonesty on the part of Aeromexico, such as leaving their passengers stranded in Shanghai without even notifying them of the flight's cancellation and then refusing to refund the ticket price.

You cannot stay far enough away from this airline. Do yourself a favor and fly anyone else.

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